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    Pitch stories to editors, find freelancers, fill assignments.

  • What's the story?


    Imagine a global news and media networking platform designed specifically to help journalists connect, find and post job offers, pitch story ideas, and cover breaking news from anywhere. The Pitch Place will offer journalists with breaking news and feature story ideas a one-stop shop for finding the editors interested in your content.


    Has this ever happened to you?


    Have you ever pitched a story idea to the wrong editor? Waited days with no feedback? Have you ever chased an editor, i.e., followed up on an email pitch with the hope that maybe they really did miss seeing that first email? Received a hard "no" only after it was too late to pitch a different editor?


    Have you worked really hard with an editor on a project you are both super satisfied to see go to print, only to not get paid, right away? Have you ever had to chase the editor's HR department asking, "When is my check going to arrive?"


    With The Pitch Place, journalists can pitch photographs, multimedia, broadcast/video, short and longform print, and radio stories with confidence, provide editors a deadline for responding and, when given an assignment, know that the payment is ensured through an escrow account. That means the payment will transfer within five days of the story being published.

     Need a freelancer to cover breaking news?

    Have you wanted to cover a breaking news event, but didn't have a freelancer or staff journalist already in place to cover it? Would you like to expand your coverage in a way that aligns with your budget? Are you seeking new story ideas?


    Commisioning editors can use The Pitch Place to find freelancers anywhere in the world news is happening and hire qualified journalists to cover the story ideas you want to see published.

  • What Others Are Saying About Us

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    "The Pitch Place is there to help solve two major problems freelance journalists face: selling their story ideas and getting paid in a timely manner once the story is published. The Pitch Place is also there as a key resource for editors looking to find journalists on location when they need a story covered fast."

    Charles Thouvenot, Director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in West Florida

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    "What I love about your venture is that you found a very clear problem and are finding a solution."

    Constance Mitchell Ford, Professor at the University of Maryland - Philip Merrill College of Journalism

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    "The Pitch Place is such a cool concept!"

    Betsy Rate, Director of Career Development at

    UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

    "I have been wondering forever when on Earth someone was going to invent this, a much needed tech solution to creating a marketplace for editors and writers!"

    Deirdre English, former Editor of Mother Jones Magazine and faculty at UCBerkeley J-School

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    "The Caribbean islands are Ground Zero in the biggest story of our lives: Climate change. The Pitch Place assures the editors of the Caribbean Compass that its astute readers - sailors and landlubbers - will find intelligent reporting and writing on this crisis."

    Elaine Lembo, Editor in Chief of Caribbean Compass

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    The Pitch Place

    A one-stop shop for freelance journalists to find commissioning editors interested in your story ideas. The place where editors can find journalists on location whenever and wherever breaking news happens.

  • Who?

    Media professionals around the world

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    Need to work?

    Photojournalists, radio, multimedia, TV, and print, stringers, freelancers, and correspondents looking to find new audiences for their stories or collaborators can find, follow, connect, discuss, exchange, pitch, work, showcase, and loads more!


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    Need stories?

    Find freelance journalists on location, receive pitches tailored to your publication's needs from a vast network of professional reporters, post job alerts and find your next employee or consultant.

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    Need to share?

    Use our network to advertise your press releases

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    Make some noise!

    Send editors and journalists your news

  • Editors

    Free to register -- Free membership -- Free to find journalists on location -- Free to receive pitch ideas
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    Geolocation Services

    The Pitch Place offers geolocation services to find freelance journalists, fixers, and translators ready where you need them. Whether you are covering a breaking news story or a feature, check here first to find the journalists already there.

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    Professional Details

    Peruse the diverse talent pool of journalists and their pitch ideas at The Pitch Place or opt to receive pitches directly from approved journalists. Editors and producers can also take advantage of our introductory offer to freely post job advertisements.

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    Ratings Matter

    Work only with the best, and most reliable in the business.

    The Pitch Place allows you to assess journalists you work with and view the ratings posted by others for free.

  • Journalists

    Free to register -- Free membership -- Free to pitch to editors
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    Original Ideas Wanted

    Target the right editors and news media employers with the story ideas you want to cover and they want to produce. At The Pitch Place editors are looking to hire freelance journalists who can give them the story nobody else has or present breaking news and feature stories with a unique angle.

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    Escrow System

    Enjoy the benefits of working through an escrow system. After successfully providing commissioned work via The Pitch Place, you are guaranteed to receive payment within five business days.

  • PR - Enterprises

    Spread your stories to the world

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    Simply post your pitch and monitor who is picking it up for your return on investment.

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    Reach the maximum number of journalists and editors to build your audience.

  • Registration and Contact

    Media professionals around the world are invited to sign up.

    The Pitch Place is for you! Leave us a message to let us know what you think about the concept and what you would like to see as any special features.

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